The Company

We offer solutions for the alignment of propulsion and industrial systems - worldwide - and all from a single source.

Through engineering and customer orientation, we arrive at custom-fit technical solutions that do not disregard the commercial framework conditions.

Well-aligned and safely installed machines and plants are the prerequisite for long-term safe operation. This reduces wear and energy consumption - and thus costs and emissions - in shipping and industry.

propulsion engineering is an owner-managed company based in the Hamburg area.

propulsion engineering was founded in 2004, based on the many years of experience of the founder, Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Günther. This experience was transferred to a young team of motivated employees. Today, Oliver Matzeit as CEO is responsible for the operative business.

From the very beginning, it has been our objective to offer well-founded analyses and solutions derived from them beyond surveying. For us, the customer is in the foreground.

Our range of services includes analysis (based on exact measurements, which we preferably carry out ourselves) and the development of proposed solutions in close coordination with our customers. We take over the subsequent implementation or accompany and monitor it on site. We work as a team with our clients, the shipyard and the classification society.

Our colleagues on site are in constant contact and exchange with our technical office in the head office. From there they receive all the necessary data (evaluations of measurement results, processing of data, preparation of model calculations, etc.). This approach guarantees the highest quality and the optimal technical solution, based on the company's know-how.

The equipment we use and the software we apply are state of the art at the highest level.

Our work focuses on the requirements of our customers. We assess systems comprehensively from different angles. This allows us to weigh up possible approaches and derive an optimal solution - also with regard to the commercial framework conditions.

Our unique selling proposition - that's what makes us special


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