propulsion engineering stands for the alignment of rotating machines and shafting systems worldwide. We supply everything from one source: analysis, measurement, alignment, repair and supervision of repairs – with the teams on site.

Our services are based on the principle of placing the highest demands on ourselves. This working approach enables us to offer a well-diversified portfolio.

Our services include:


Based on a standardised measuring methodology we receive the necessary information. Our analyses and calculations are derived from this, and they lead to a targeted approach and solution.

Project Management

Technical solutions must be efficiently implemented. We therefore offer complete supervision of the implementation as a service. In close cooperation with all partners, our project management leads to an optimal result with regard to technology, costs and deadlines. At your site – worldwide!

Shafting Calculations

Theoretical considerations of shafting systems in ship construction and mechanical engineering are an important basis of our work. Through careful checking of all operating parameter and boundary conditions we can precisely simulate shafting systems using the programs Shaft Designer® and Shaft Master®. In particular in the case of repair this opens up the possibility of finding a simple solution, instead of sticking to the previous design. In addition optimal operating conditions this also enables work to be reduced to a minimum.


We perform the different types of specific alignment calculations:

  • thermal growth
  • dynamic growth during operation
  • calculation of gap and offset (sag)
  • calculation of bearing loads

Our service portfolio also includes chocking calculations and the calculation of bolt connections. Here an individual adaptation of all parameters is always possible.


We realise design solutions with the program SolidWorks® CAD. Designs are made in close cooperation with the client.

Alignment of rotating machines

Using our Easy-Laser® D and E series all machine and shafting arrangements are precisely aligned with each other on site. The size of the system is not important for us. Our experience covers the entire spectrum – from small electric motors to large diesel engines.

Alignment of shafting systems

When measuring and evaluating shafting geometries the primary target is to create stable and optimal operating conditions for the entire shafting system. Alignment can be made based on shafting calculations and/or based on experience. Correction of bearing seats and scraping of bearings is also part of our portfolio.

Alignment of bearings

In particular bearings and bearing seats must be perfectly aligned with each other. For a reliable and smooth operation of shafting systems not only the alignment of the bearings with each other but also the alignment of the bearings with the shaft is decisive. We perform this work with the classic methods including  blue fit.

Measurement of the bearing load

The bearing load (bearing reaction force) provides an insight into the optimal operational range of a system. We use an electronic load cell to determine the bearing loads.

Measurement of the crankshaft deflection

The deflection of a crankshaft describes the alignment of a combustion engine and, in comparison to previous measurements, indicates possible wear and tear or damage. For this purpose a gauge, or preferably an electronic measuring device (LEMAG® DI-5) is used to measure the change of the spacing of the crank webs during rotation. For us, checking the crankshaft deflection is a standard part of alignment control or realignment. 

Vibration measurement

Vibration readings and FFT analysis are made on site while during operation. The measurement results provide evidence regarding alignment, operating behaviour and damage of a system. This enables possible causes to be located and, if necessary, work to be planned at an early stage before a time-consuming and expensive dismantling.

On-site machining

We offer on-site machining, such as boring shaft brackets and stern tubes on site at your premises – worldwide! Our goal is to offer you a complete solution, consisting of measurement, analysis and evaluation right through to realignment and, if necessary, machining of bearing seats – all from a single source.


In our trainings and advanced trainings we explain the theoretical bases and practical approaches regarding the whole concept of alignment and how we implement this. This is preferably implemented on site at your premises, because there we can apply a targeted approach and individually respond to your application and task requirements.

Our technology:

  • Shaft Designer®
  • Shaft Master®
  • SolidWorks® CAD
  • Easy-Laser® D- and E-Series
  • HBM-load cells
  • Vibro Matrix
  • LEMAG® DI-5

Due to our service portfolio we can provide competent solutions, considering all aspects of the task, tailored to the client and result-oriented - all from one source. This takes place in cooperation with the client and the shipyard on site. We regard ourselves as a partner of our client.

Not only renowned companies worldwide place their trust in our expertise and our high quality standard but also all classification and insurance companies. They fully accept our damage analyses and reports.